The website “hacker Simulator”

It is rare when a movie about hackers complete without a scene in which a hero with amazing speed knocking on the keyboard, and the screen run cryptic lines of code. Even if it says is not complete nonsense (a vivid example — the series of Mr. Robot), you are unlikely to achieve such an impressive speed.

But sometimes it’s not what you’re doing, and how it looks. site where you can brag to a friend of his hacking abilities. All you need is to press a random key on the keyboard.

There is also a mobile version of the site there is a built-in keyboard, but the sound of this makes the experience more realistic 🙂



Each folder has its own animation. In the settings you can change the theme of the terminal, the text color, hide folders, font, etc.

After clicking “Auto” on the keyboard, the site will start playing animations without having to press the keyboard.

What to do with all this, it’s your choice: you can either try to play buddies, to impress the most naive friend or use film. Look cool hacker has never been so easy!

Also there is still another website with a similar interface


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