Training killed the HDD for the installation of Windows

Training killed the HDD for the installation of Windows

A common fault on laptops disks with the so-called Beaten sectors(Bad Block), the appearance of which is often a consequence of wear of the magnetic coating of the disk. Beeches why they are dying EN masse? The drives on the core mechanics don’t like vibration and overheating.

The symptoms of a dead drive are different: frequent freezes of Windows that does not open folders error when copying from disk and to disk, etc. for Example, immediately after reinstalling Windows again hang or “blue screen of death” — fatal error of Windows.

For this we recommend to put on laptops disks based on flash memory, SSD drives, and not because “Windows loaded 3 seconds“. If it is not possible to change the drive and Windows is slow, can help the trick of “cutting” surfaces with bad sectors.

How to do it? Installing Windows on a disk with beaten sectors.

In our case, we will “cut” or in other words to exclude from the use of the hard drive that is damaged. To do this we will use the utility Aomei Partition Assistant. Now, run the program.

Consider the example of a clip on disk 4. The J-drive is the first drive, and is 411 GB in the end of the disk — not groomed the area is 54 GB. For proper disc creation, given that the beginning of the drive has bad sectors, you need to delete the partition J.

Click the right button of the mouse on the section J, and in the menu select delete partition.

Now create a new primary partition of your C: drive with corrupted sectors in the beginning of the disk to 80 GB.

Roaming slider to the right, thereby eliminating the first 80 GB. And press OK.

Make partition Active, right click on the partition tab Additionally. We now have drive C: is ready. We remember that at the end of the disc also has a broken sector. If we want the logical drive D:, we need to decrease the size of your C: drive.

Right click on the tab — To resize the partition

Create a new partition drive D: with the damage to the sectors at the end of the disk. Cut 70 GB from the end of the disc.

Now the discs are broken, needed to complete the process , click the apply button in the upper left corner.

Waiting for completion of the procedure. Now our hard drive is ready for operation, the damaged area excluded from use. You can start the installation on the C: drive.

How to check the disk for broken sectors?

When operating the hard drive, especially long, start to occur failures in the operation and the characteristic signs are: persistent unresponsiveness, “blue screens of death“, the long loading from the hard drive no longer open folders and files. This can be “logical errors“— crashing file system, or “physical“the surface of the hard drive heads, etc.

“Logical error” is treated by formatting the drive. “Physical” — unfortunately in 90% of cases, not healing.

For testing a known-broken disk use the utility Victoria 4.47.

On the screenshot you can see that in the scan result was discovered “broken” sector, just at the beginning of the disk, i.e. the system drive C:, about the first 70-80 GB at the beginning of the disk contains bad sectors. And at the end of the disk the same, but smaller, which is indicated by the red lines on the chart.

In this case, you can run a low level format of the hard drive and then re-check utility Victoria 4.47. In some cases, this method can fix most of bad sectors (if they are logically faulty).

Tab Standard provides General information about the selected disk. Change drive (just the device, not the logical drives) on the right in the window, the individual devices are numbered 0, 1, 2 etc

By default, the installation scan exhibited — first drive, -0 Start LBA to the end LBA End test mode — read, and action — Ignore, we need to put the Remap.

Remap means that finding bad blocks”bad”, Victoria give the command to exclude that “bad” of use.

Remap basically not destructive for information, and if Your data is lost, it is only one bad sector, but agree that data in bad block and so was unreadable. In the second case, the data will be just moved to the sector with the backing track.

Erase upon detection of unreadable sectors forcibly rewrites the entire block of 256 sectors with zeros (carefully, in some cases, your data on the hard disk will be deleted).

Often come across software (software) bhed, which removed most quickly zeroing algorithm, Erase, and in case of an unsuccessful write to a sector of zeros may occur Remap, as the firmware of the hard drive may consider this sector failed. If Erase doesn’t help, then you can select the Remap, but as we know, the chances that the Remap will be made to the running Windows small.

Often when “zeroing” in the running Windows will go here such error:

Block (the number of bad sectors) try Erase 256 sectors. To rewrite a block of sectors has failed.

Mode Write not looking for any bad sectors, but simply from the Erasure of all information on the hard drive by filling all sectors with zeros, this is in the jargon repairmen “Entry across the meadow”, this algorithm is able to treat hard disk from the detectors and just bad sectors with high latency read, but after this test to recover data on the hard disk would be impossible, so copy all important files to a portable hard drive.

Click the button Start

Normal blocks are the ones that are grey with the access speed of 5,20, and 50 MS. All the rest are already below the norm, and so these units can become “detectors”. With the appearance of “detectors” will appear on the chart the red bar, noting which “gigabytes” it happened.

You can DOWNLOAD the program on its official website: direct link

Working in Windows difficult to fix it and Victoria cannot exercise Remap or OK to scan the drive. For proper diagnosis and treatment you need to use a bootable USB flash drive or simply paste the faulty disk in another working computer, and to perform all of these actions are obviously working on other Windows and computer.


Now you know how to quickly and independently verify the status of Your hard drive. In addition, we learned to share the damaged disk space from normal.


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