Transfer money in Android app Sberbank to cards of other banks without a fee

The savings Bank has connected the system of quick payments for a limited number of customers. Sberbank is familiar, the Tinkoff tasty cashback, and somewhere else- contribution. Comfortable? Convenient, but transfers between banks kindly pay. You can recharge the card or you can transfer money in a mobile application “Sberbank Online” and on the official website of the Bank

Most recently, the savings Bank has appeared the system of quick payments, which until then was joined by many banks. However, for Sberbank the decision was forced, but because for freebies every customer should find the right button and connect.

How to connect to a “quick payment”


  • Go into the application Sberbank
  • Go to your profile (avatar in top left corner)
  • Go to settings
  • Scroll to the item “the Agreement” and click on it
  • Select “quick payment”
  • Connected incoming and outgoing transfers

Now you can make and receive transfers from other banks up to 100 thousand rubles a month, without a fee! For security, you can connect both incoming and outgoing transfers separately.

Banks-participants of system quick payment

  • Absolut Bank System quick pladegaard Bank
  • The vanguard System quick plateauand
  • Avtogradbank System quick platjaavinguda
  • AK bars Bank System fast platiau bars Bank
  • AKIBANK System quick platerack
  • Alef-Bank System quick laterale-Bank
  • Alfa-Bank System quick platial-Bank
  • Aresbank System quick platieres
  • The Bank Acceptance System quick platerzyberk Acceptance
  • Bank Bank System Bank quick platerzyberk
  • Bank Crown quick Crown platerzyberk
  • Bank BUILDING.RF System quick platerzyberk HOUSE.Russia
  • Bank Zenit System Zenit quick platerzyberk
  • BANK ORENBURG System quick platerzyberk ORENBURG
  • St. Petersburg social commercial Bank System quick platerzyberk pskb
  • Bank Russian Standard System quick platerzyberk Russian Standard
  • Bystrobank System quick latiapascuala
  • Vesta System quick petajavesi
  • VLADSETREMONT System quick platinumedition
  • VTB quick platesat
  • Gazprombank System quick platjapark
  • Gazenergobank System quick latiapascuala
  • Garant-invest Bank System fast pratiahara-invest Bank
  • INTERPROMBANK System quick plasteramic
  • KB the RING of URAL System quick platerack ring of the URALS
  • KB the SOLIDARITY System quick platerack SOLIDARITY
  • KOSHELEV-BANK System fast patiekalai-BANK
  • Credit Ural Bank System fast payments a loan the Ural Bank
  • Kuban Credit System quick plateauing Credit
  • Left Bank System quick lateralizing
  • Metallinvestbank System quick platinumellinium
  • IBC System quick platezham
  • COIN System fast planejamento
  • NBD-Bank System quick plateand-Bank
  • Neiva System fast platjanuju
  • NIKO-BANK System quick peteranec-BANK
  • Opening System quick plateauthe
  • Platinum quick placereplica
  • Mail Bank System fast plateshaped Bank
  • Primsotsbank System quick platjapark
  • PSB System quick latiapascuala
  • Raiffeisenbank System quick platecarrier
  • RESO Credit quick Loan platieres
  • MCB Bank System quick plateuing Bank
  • Rnko Payment center System fast plateuing Payment center
  • Rocketbank System quick platengarten
  • ROSBANK System quick placeeurope
  • Rosselkhozbank System quick petererosenberg
  • Saint Petersburg System quick pleasant-Petersburg
  • Sberbank System quick platerzyberk
  • SDM-Bank System quick plateias-Bank
  • SKB-Bank System quick plateias-Bank
  • SMP Bank System quick plamegate Bank
  • Sovcombank System quick platerzyberk
  • Tinkoff System quick putiatina
  • Point “FC Opening” System quick plamegate “FC Opening”
  • Transcapitalbank System quick platinumsecure
  • UBRD System quick plateaued
  • Ural FD System quick plateaued FD
  • FINAM System quick putiatina
  • Khakas municipal Bank System quick placiajuostis municipal Bank
  • Center-invest System quick platesetter-invest
  • Expobank System quick platicaban
  • Elplat System quick placesall
  • Energotransbank System quick peterzellerstrasse
  • UniCredit Bank System quick pleasaunce Bank
  • Yandex.Money System fast peategelasteks.Money
  • QIWI System of quick платежейQIWI
  • WebMoney (Bank KKB) System quick платежейWebMoney (Bank KKB)

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