Unoriginal printer cartridge: 3 unpleasant effects

Unoriginal printer cartridge: 3 unpleasant effects

Indeed cartridge for printer: 3 unpleasant consequences

In general, one of the most annoying problems in the working day of a system administrator is the technique for printing and configuring it on different operating systems, below I want to show you what problems can be avoided if you do not trick and use fakes.

When choosing a new printer model or MFP, potential owners rarely think about consumables. Usually, to test a purchase at home or office and enjoy high quality printing in the first days after purchase, there is enough cartridge, which comes with the device. When the toner in it runs out, many owners, comparing the prices of original and non-original consumables, choose the latter. That’s just the savings in this case is not happy for long. About what dangers are waiting for too thrifty owners of printing devices and whether to save on cartridges, you will learn in this material.

Bands and dirt on prints


Poor print quality, dirt and gray background on documents is one of the most common complaints in office technology forums. “Why does my printer get paper dirty?”, “After filling the cartridge, our MFP in the office seems to have gone crazy. We can’t print a single document normally”, “Laser printer smears black” – complains users.

The most common printing defects of this type occur when using a re-filled cartridge. The fact is that when filling the original cartridge master breaks its tightness. Without it, it is impossible to spill toner instead of used toner. It is only after this procedure that toner starts to wake up slightly from the cartridge. Because of this, points and stripes of varying intensity are formed on the sheet.

In such prints, information is often difficult to disassemble, and they are not suitable for business communication – too much reputation loss. Corrupt documents have to be reprinted, and this is an additional cost. In addition, for printing, you may have to look for another printer or promptly change the filled cartridge to the original one.

Poor print quality

When filling cartridges, workshop workers use third-party toner, which is usually of much lower quality than the original. The fact is that large manufacturers of office equipment are engaged in technological development of not only the components of printing equipment, but also the composition and physical properties of the powder itself for printing. So, for example, in cartridges for printers Xerox so-called EA toner is used. It is a chemical toner created by the emulsion aggregation method.

He allows to get the smallest particles of the same size and shape by “growing” rather than mechanical crushing, which is used in the traditional approach. This toner heats up faster, is reliable, and is more economical to produce, so it is cheaper for the user. But the main thing, it allows to create the accurate image, to reproduce thin lines of drawings and the text. So, the quality of printing with it is incommensurably higher.

Providing the highest print quality, the original cartridges also allow you to get more prints. For example, according to the results of comparative resource of Xerox cartridges, on average, almost a third (27%) higher than that of third-party cartridges.

For more information about the results –


Failure of technique

Another gray background or stripes on important documents are not the biggest troubles that can be caused by a refilled or unoriginal cartridge.

First, the tiniest particles of toner that wake up from a damaged cartridge can clog important parts of the printer or MFP such as the print head. This means major repairs, unit replacement or even failure of the entire unit. The manufacturer’s warranty does not apply in this case, as the failure was solely the fault of the owner.

Second, even if there is nothing wrong with the cartridge, problems may cause an unoriginal toner. For example, it may require a different melting point, which means it will overload the printing device, which will cause it to fail more quickly.

Another disadvantage of using third-party cartridges is the inability to get correct information about its statuses


And finally, thirdly, large manufacturers of office equipment ensure that the replacement of consumables is simple, convenient and fast. Therefore, if in most cases, the original cartridge will be replaced without problems by the owner of the printing device, then an independent refilling is usually impossible.

Large office equipment manufacturers recommend purchasing consumables only from authorized vendors. Remember that only original consumables can ensure uninterrupted and continuous operation of the equipment.


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