Useful programs for process management

The task manager, which is launched on Windows with the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete, shows the processes running on the computer, the memory consumed by them and allows you to manage them. Using the standard dispatcher is not always convenient, so we suggest you to familiarize yourself with additional tools for controlling processes.

  • Process Explorer. It is often used instead of the standard dispatcher because it better groups tasks. New, problematic and dangerous processes are highlighted in different colors.
  • AnVir Task Manager. This program also conveniently displays the processes and assesses their danger. It also displays information about the developer of the program and allows you to find out why it is needed.
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  • Task Counter. This program displays the processes in a nice way. Using filters you can display only the type of processes you are interested in. You can configure tasks to be started and disabled on certain events.
  • Bill2’s Process Manager is a utility that allows you to set priorities for Windows processes. You can save the assigned process queue parmeters and specify execution on the corresponding processor cores.
  • Process Monitor – the tool contains information about system files, registry, processes and threads. Configure it to remove activity data.


All programs are free and do not take up much space, so it is recommended to always have them at hand.

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