We’re deleting all information about ourselves from the network.

We’re deleting all information about ourselves from the network.

The practical application does take place (e.g. after legal proceedings involving you or deliberately humiliating you/your reputation on the Internet).

The following links are not advertising, some of them offer paid services and refer to Right of forgetting online.

Sites list:

https://support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905 – delete data from Google services, including search, YouTube, etc.

https://yandex.ru/support/abuse/troubleshooting/oblivion.html – remove data from the Yandex search engine.

Rambler uses the Yandex search engine, so he is unable to accept complaints about the content issued.

https://go.mail.ru/support/oblivion – remove data from the Mail.ru search engine.

https://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/concern/bing– remove data from the Bing (Microsoft) search engine.

https://vk.com/support?act=new – request to remove unwanted (including personal) information from any corner of the VKontakte. Support agents are always on your side.

https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/274459462613911 – write a complaint about inappropriate Facebook content. Again, delete where they can.

https://ok.ru/dk?st.cmd=helpFaq&cmd=PopLayer&st.layer.cmd=PopLayerHelpFeedback&st.layer.origin=FAQ – Classmates. I don’t think you can use this, but let it be.

https://whois.pp.ru, https://ru.godaddy.com/whois, http://www.1whois.ru – Services Whois requests, find out contact information and information about a private resource for correct submission of a complaint.

https://cctld.ru/ru/domains/whois.php – search for .RU and .RF domains in the appropriate registry.

https://fpersona.com/request – request for disclosure of private Whois.

https://fpersona.com/services/personality – order to create a positive image on the network. Removing primary sources and blocking fake profiles on the Internet.

https://pipl.com – simply a database with information about people. Enter your first and last name and you will receive photos, residence, etc. It’s not the fact that you really are there, plus Pipl has a trial subscription system, so you will only be searched there if you break through. If you want to remove yourself from there, come here: https://pipl.com/corp/contact-us.

https://www.accountkiller.com/en/All – helps to delete accounts in social networks and services.

https://digitalsharks.ru – we remove from the network with Digital Sharks.

https://fpersona.com/prices – the same services, only from FPerson, one of the leading tools.

Websites registered as mass media in Russia are subject to the laws of the Russian Federation, if their undesirable information violates the law – the issue of removal is decided in the legal field. If a site is not subject to Russian law, the same methods are used as for private sites.

The best practice at placing of the personal information in a network.

You should always be careful and cautious when disclosing information on the Internet, whether a person or a well-known company. In chats and social networks, if you do not want someone to spread information about you on the Internet, then do not say or write it. The best way to keep personal information to yourself is simply to keep it to yourself.


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