What applications it is necessary to remove from your smartphone

What applications it is necessary to remove from your smartphone

What applications it is necessary to remove from your smartphone, the image # 1

From mobile applications may not only benefit but also harm a lot of harm. Some apps are pointless take up precious megabytes in the drive and RAM of your smartphone without doing anything good, and others, and all harmful, although the developers claim the exact opposite. And it’s not even about any specific applications, but entire categories that have no place on your smartphone.

Pre-installed apps

Really useful among them is practically nonexistent. Device manufacturers somehow still not learned how to create a good app, but they are easily replaced with much more convenient analogues from Google Play. This applies to mail clients, all sorts of organizers, media players, photo editors, and even camera apps — they are all generally awful and need to be put under the knife in the first place.

Another thing is that manufacturers usually firmly sewed their applications to the operating system. In this case, you can remove them by getting root-access or disable the via system settings.


To catch a virus on Android, despite the common misconception on this score, it is very difficult. This will need to include the ability to install apps from dubious sources (i.e., bypassing Google Play), crawl on questionable sites, download out APK files to run them and agree with all that they offer and — most importantly — do not update Google services. In other cases, you can not worry about viruses, as the cloud Google Safety Net copes with the identification of the malicious code and blocks or deletes the infected application. None of the third-party anti-virus software can not cope with this task better, but will hang in memory, CPU usage, consume bandwidth and cause a slowdown of the device.

Accelerators Internet and other nonsense

In Google Play found lots of “miraculous” applications, offering speed up Internet, free up RAM, to overclock the CPU, extend battery life, etc. Why Google removes them, it is not clear, but with the stated functions, they do not. Your smartphone will work much better without them.


Some smartphones are sold with pre-installed viruses. This is not a joke. Nedobroporyadochnyh Chinese sellers from AliExpress and other sites send customers the smartphones, where the firmware sewn malware. The virus sends SMS messages to short numbers, always something to download, and install, show ads on top of other applications or notifications,… in General, behave arrogantly and aggressively. To remove such applications are useless — they can miraculously be resurrected. You will need to demolish the firmware and change it to normal. Instructions for specific models can be found on sites like 4PDA and XDA-Developers.

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