What does System Fan 90B mean when I turn on my notebook?

What does System Fan 90B mean when I turn on my notebook?

Most often this error is encountered by owners of HP laptops, although other laptops may have something similar. So, at one point at the next turn on instead of the usual logo boot operating system you can see a black screen with white letters, among which clearly visible message: System Fan (90B). Just below is the line ENTER – Continue Startup.

The meaning and meaning of this message is as follows: Problems with the system cooling fan have been detected. Press the Enter key to continue loading.

Simply put, the cooling fan inside the notebook does not spin or spins at low speed. This can cause overheating and to avoid this, the system informs you to take action to correct the problem.

You can of course ignore the error by pressing the Enter key, but doing so is highly discouraged. As overheating often disables such important components of a notebook as a multi-controller, north bridge or video card.

How to fix System Fan 90B bug?
The first thing to do is to take your laptop apart and dust it. It is very likely that the problem lies in a lot of dust, which prevents the fan from rotating properly.

System Fan 90B error when booting hp notebook

The dusty cooling system looks like this


When disassembling, grease the fan as best as possible. Also, pay attention to the motherboard connector of the fan. In rare cases, the fan cannot be lubricated and will wedge deliberately. Replacing it will only help in this case.

system fan 90b error when loading hp

Cooling fan size

In very isolated situations there may be problems with the cooling fan connection socket (charring, bumbling, etc.) or with the BIOS.


.The System Fan 90B message appears if there are problems with the cooling system cooler.

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