What is a magnet link? Looks like?

File sharing is one of the driving forces behind the modern web. Earlier in the P2P networks and on various torrent trackers / file storage used file downloading which we have access to the distribution or locally stored file on a particular server. As a result, if your favorite file sharing / tracker become unavailable, access to the file was lost. Now come to help magnet links. They are not actually files.

Magnet link this is the same as the hyperlink, the only difference is that if the hyperlink points to the location of the file, the magnet link points to the file contents. And to be precise, the hash of the file. Although this technology is not new, many netizens still do not know what it is and what is needed.

Structure links

Regular link is: https://rucore.net/luks-analog-truecrypt-pod-linux/ where

  • https networking Protocol;
  • rucore.net — the domain name of the website where all the information;
  • luks-analog-truecrypt-pod-linux is the file name of the web page.

The network Protocol is separated from the rest of the colon and double — slash”: / / ” and the rest of the parts from each other only by one slash “/”.

A URL hyperlink can be compared to the usual address: city, street, house, apartment. It is possible to find a specific organization or person.

Now consider the structure of the magnet links:

  • magnet:? — the designation.
  • xt (eXact Topic) — URN with hash. In the example snippet xt=urn:btih where btih — BitTorrent Info Hash, shows that the hash is used in the BitTorrent networks. Used to find source and download.
  • dn (Display Name) — the name of the object.
  • tr (TRacker) — tracker for BitTorrent clients.
  • xl — size, in bytes.
  • kt (Keyword Topic) — key words, on which you can find on the Internet.

And other parameters that can be omitted. Mandatory part is the only xt that contains the hash. Strictly order no separator between parts is “&”.

What we see in the magnetic link is significantly different from the usual address. However, URN hash — this is the main part of our references in the code hash is the contents of a specific file that allows you to download exactly the object, which is required, while not indicating who distributes this information.

To download any of the content via a torrent tracker, you need several components. Namely, the program for downloading files, or torrent client.

Examples: µtorrent, BitTorrent.

And data (name, size, address, and other) necessary for the client to identify and correct download content. This information the program receives from the small file proxy that you are downloading on the page of the tracker before downloading the content.

To download via the magnet link, copy it from the source and paste into a program that works with magnetic links, then she’ll do it myself. Another way is to use browsers that recognize the type of such hyperlinks and be redirected with the permission of the user to the appropriate client to work with them.

Advantages magnet link

Magnetic links are safer. First and foremost, they do not store information about the user, the tracker or location download and represent the line of code with the name, size and other parameters. Therefore, not blocked. You can create your own convenient and distribute method: publish on website, in social networks, send via e-mail, etc.

Transmit data through the network DHT: this can be access at any time unlike the torrent where you need to wait for the connection to the peers. You can view the material on hand. Simultaneous distribution via torrent and magnet. The download is available without registration on the tracker.

How to distribute via magnet link

Through it is possible not only to objects but also to share with the right people. Consider how to create a hyperlink.

  • Run µTorrentand create a new torrent file with the same name in the menu.
  • Select the shared object and the prescribed path.
  • Clean cell “Tracker“.
  • Specify the save location.
  • Press “Yes“in the window with a warning about unspecified trackers.
  • It then computes the hash. How long will it take — depends on size. After you close the window and return to the program.
  • Add our torrent.
  • Write down the location of the object for transmission.
  • After checking the file becomes out there. Click, in the menu select “Copy Magnet URI“.
  • Ready. You can pass in any convenient way.

Technology, as you can see, very comfortable, despite its rather venerable age (by the way, the standard magnetic reference was first published in 2002). This mechanism is currently very popular and you will be able to meet magnetic links to almost all the games.

WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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