What is eSim? What are the benefits of this technology?

The first mobile phones no SIM cards were not: they were simply programmed by the operator and account for the identification of the subscriber network stored in the memory. SIM card appeared in GSM in 1991, allowing the subscriber to easily use the phone in any network operator and your account with the operator (i.e. the room) — in any phone, simply rearranging a piece of plastic with a microchip.

To replace a full-size SIM-cards (1 FF), the length and width were, respectively, 85.6 and 53.98 mm, came:

  • 2FF mini SIM 25 X15 mm;
  • 3FF micro-SIM is 15 x 12 mm;
  • 4FF – nano-SIM is 12.3 x 8.8 mm.

In 2019, more and more devices became connected to the Internet. DVRs, smart sensors, smart wristbands…. Some devices are simply awkward to change cards when changing operator. Imagine that you have to manually remove the old card, and then insert a new in thousands of systems, control of street lighting.



eSIM (Embedded SIM “embedded SIM card”) is a digital chip embedded in the smartphone, which allows you to activate the tariff plan with your cellular operator without having to use a physical nano-SIM card.

The data stored in her memory can be overwritten. This means that when switching from one mobile operator to another do not need to remove or insert manually. Just load the new information.

Now the time has come of the Internet of things — counters, sensors, and various smart accessories like the same smart-watches: their size, even nano-SIM along with a slot to install it — a luxury. So came up with eSIM — built-in SIM card, which at first glance seems a throwback to a programmable phone numbers.

Which operators support eSIM?

Now eSIM for the iPhone serviced by mobile operators in Austria, Canada, Hungary, India, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany and the UK. To turn Spain and the United States.

You can buy the “tourist” SIM card for international operators, Truphone and Gigsky. For many tourist SIM card — it is, in fact, the only way to try eSIM in the near future: neither MTS or Beeline or MegaFon at the time of publishing this post eSIM is not supported.

Tele2 the first mobile operator in Russia, which invited subscribers to test the technology eSIM. In Moscow customers can receive “electronic” SIM card into a QR code. For registration in the Tele2 network needed to scan the code while adding your SIM card to your device’s settings.

The pilot showed that eSIM is working successfully and is technologically ready to launch. Perhaps in the future the standard eSIM will be widely distributed, and there will be more devices that support this technology.

The main advantages of eSIM

The transition to the new standard eliminates the production and sales of physical SIM cards. For the operator this means saving: no need to pay for the release of physical cards. Manufacturers of mobile devices can use the vacant space to set the phones higher capacity batteries.

  • 1. Improved sealing apparatus
  • 2. The possibility of placing in the smartphone additional systems and sensors.
  • 3. Multiple rates on a single chip.
  • 4. Registration of the Sim card through the app.

What devices work eSIM

A list of devices that have eSIM is not very wide, so not all owners of smartphones can use the technology. ESIM support some smartphones from Apple and Google, several models of smart hours Apple, Samsung and Huawei, as well as a couple of Apple tablets.

How to connect to mobile networks via eSIM?

Connect the virtual SIM card is easy. The caller needs to scan the QR code generated by the operator, or manually enter the following settings: server address SM-DP+ (Subscription Manager Data Preparation, “data preparation subscription Manager.”), and the activation code. To they can also be the operator.

Actually on server SM-DP+ generated subscriber profile, and the program LPA (Local Profile Assistant, “the local assistant profile”) on the device requests a profile, and load it in the eUICC (embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card, “a universal integrated chip card”) — the same chip in which encrypted this profile is then stored. Subsequently, the eUICC also has responsibility for authorization in the network.

In the eUICC may store several profiles of SIM-cards: memory serial chip is 512 KB to 64 or 128 KB in today’s “Simcoe”. Among the acquired virtual SIM cards to switch. In the new iPhone this is done in the menu “Settings” -> “Cellular” -> “Tariff plans”.

Attention! When the user changes the mobile operator, room e-SIM remains the same. This also applies to those cases where change will be a mobile device. Old number at any time to transfer to another phone.

Designation of tariff plans

Percents it is necessary to indicate after the connection of the second of them. For example, one can define “worker” and the second “Personal”.

These symbols are used when you want to choose a phone number for making or receiving calls and messaging for the transmission of data over the cellular network and contacts to always know what number is used.

What awaits us tonight?

Become a MVNO (virtual operator) is becoming easier and easier, and most importantly — cheaper. It is still about millions, but rubles. Even medium-sized companies, not to mention the giants can create your virtual operator to the pool room to manage your distributed network of IoT devices: ATMs, POS-terminals, sensors and counters of utilities and other Assembly equipment for the Internet of things.

Operators MNO in the Russian Federation has adopted the rules of the game. Being tested the remote authentication of new subscribers. Not against MVNO operators. Traffic is traffic. Moreover, most people bound to the MNO, not the physical SIM card and phone number. Many are just too lazy to bother with the change of operator.

Already there are works on localization RSP platforms in Russia. After their launch and certification — we can talk about a major state projects. Railways, power grids, and other smart city.

The reliability and safety of use

The main advantage of digital SIM card is safety during use, the level of which exceeds the normal card. First and foremost it is worth noting that the chip is impossible to lose, if he randomly has not been removed from the phone. This applies to both loss and theft. To any device with e-SIM, you can choose a strong password to protect personal data (of course, if your phone provides this feature). At any moment the phone can lock, even if it is far away from the owner.


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