What is the danger of Bluetooth and why should you forget about the button to turn on this infection on your smartphone?

What is the danger of Bluetooth and why should you forget about the button to turn on this infection on your smartphone?

Bluetooth is an extremely hole trough for transferring data between a pair of devices, where the only protection for your data is a layer in the form of an algorithm FHHS, which simply moves the frequency once in a few hours.

Also on the security side of Bluetooth plays a number of protocols, which systematically produce critical vulnerabilities. HCI and L2CAP protocols are ready to challenge the Wifi championship on the throne of leaky technologies. You can find them on the popular cvedetails.com website. Basically this amount of Bluetooth crap is explained by the fact that it is banally sharpened to be /maximum/ cheap. So far I have only given a theoretical base, in response to which, you can say “So what?”. Let’s start with the vulnerabilities!


So now let’s talk about real vulnerabilities that seriously jeopardize not only your personal data, but also your means. I have already understood that I am talking about sniffing. As a technology that airlifts data (conditionally), Bluetooth is just as vulnerable to interception as Wifi is to intercept traffic, there’s no way to protect against this , the only thing you can hope for are protocols that are supposed to protect your data.

But how can you trust protocols that not so long ago became more or less protected against DOS attacks with the standard l2ping utility, which was not designed for attacks at all (keep quiet about websploit). In addition, Bluetooth protocols allow zero day vulnerability implementation.

Remember Blue Borne? (video below)


It’s up to you to use Bluetooth or not. I don’t encourage anyone to give up on handy Bluetooth headphones or other devices that make your life more convenient, but if you want to bounce away invulnerable to hacking and anonymous on the network, I don’t recommend using such a holey technology.

WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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