What should I do if my laptop beeps and shuts down during boot-up?

The appearance of the audio signal in the laptop at power-on usually indicates a serious system failure, which is not always taken care of even by service technicians because of the lack of profitability of such repairs.

There are cases when this problem can be quickly solved without having a high level of professional computer maintenance skills, which we will talk about further in detail.

RAM error


Very often the error under consideration occurs due to incorrect operation of RAM, but the first thing to avoid parsing the case, we recommend you to try a general system reset. To do this, remove the battery and disconnect the power supply, then hold the “Power” button for 30 seconds and then try to start the system again.

The next step is to pull out the RAM bar, which is most often located at the bottom of the case, and then put it back, but this operation must be done very carefully to avoid damaging the interface.

So it would be reasonable to install the RAM workboard knowingly, and after testing proceed to the next step.

Graphics card breakage

This is worth noting that now there are many models of laptops with discrete graphics cards, which in most cases just burn from overheating, especially if the device is used to run modern 3D-games.

Time, most full-size laptops with a screen size of 15 inches or more out of the expensive segment always have a good processor with a built-in video core, so it is logical to remove the video card and start the system, as the settings should change automatically in the BIOS.

At the same time, we immediately want to warn about the high risk of failure of other important components of the motherboard after such manipulations, as in modern notebooks the cooling system of the video adapter can be connected to the south and north bridges, so without professional experience it is better to contact specialists.

Failure of serial ports

This applies primarily to USB ports that can be damaged and locked from the inside as a result of improper use, so you will first need to disable all external USB devices and then try to disable them via BIOS.

And in addition, the reasons for the breakage in question may be:

    • melt socket or processor contacts due to severe overheating
    • BIOS chip breakage
    • breakdown of north or south bridge components

In the latter cases, the cost of repair can reach up to 10,000 rubles or more, so it is usually much easier to buy a new notebook.


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