Where to find free proxies

As a rule, anyone with the desire can learn what you do online. When you connect to an unsecured web site marketers, hackers and government organizations can see where you are or what device you use. This information can be used to show you targeted advertisingand block access to specific content.

Moving through web pages, you leave traces is the IP address of the computer on which it is possible to determine its location. Even if you’re not worried about what the security services are watching you, it is still sometimes a real IPS brings inconvenience.

The easiest way to change address is to use proxy servers. Just note that the question where to get the good free proxies do not arise now out of seekers of forbidden content, and all users. Site owners put geoblock, decent pages are locked together with the real offenders simply because they have one IP address and blocking technology is imperfect.



If you do not go into details, the proxy is an intermediary link between the computer system and Internet servers. Its main objectives are to broadcast all user requests to the network and sending back the resulting reports.

Due to the fact that prices for the prepaid IP that appears too large, not all are able to pay them in a timely manner and many users do not know where to get free proxies. On this occasion we have prepared a list of sites with updated distributions:


Keep, not to lose!

Add proxy

For example Google Chrome:

  • Open settings.
  • Navigate to advanced settings

  • Find the button “Change settings of the proxy server”

If you are using to access the network local connection (i.e. you have a router), then click the “network setup”. If you have a dial-up connection, then click on the “settings” button above.

In the window that appears, uncheck the automatic detection and check the “Use proxy server”. Enter the address found and click “OK”.

At the end

As you can see, there are many good and affordable options. Basic function about the same, but some providers have a slight advantage. Fortunately, they are all free and compatible with web browsers. So you can test one at a time, if need be.


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