Whether to buy an SSD or how to speed up your PC by 3-4 times. And a little nuance

Whether to buy an SSD or how to speed up your PC by 3-4 times. And a little nuance

Hi, many of you, when the question of upgrading your PC appeared, wondered where to start, some of you first decide to change the processor or graphics card, forgetting about the trivial things, such as an outdated hard drive or RAM, but as practice shows, they are usually the reason for slow computer operation. Today I want to talk about SSD (solid-state drive, SSD) – it’s an analogue of HDD, hard drive, hard drive or hard drive on magnetic disks. What is the difference? And is it worth changing HDD?


HDD – the problem is that personal computer users have been using this type of data storage for decades, the technology itself has not changed much, the speed of work remains at the same level as 10-20 years ago, if for the volume of information of those years it was enough, now it is catastrophically small.

SSD is a fully electronic device, it has no mechanical nodes. Compared to HDD, SSDs are smaller, lighter in size and weight, silent and more resistant to damage. The only downside is probably that SSDs are more expensive per gigabyte, but it’s only a matter of time.

And actually the nuance of which I warned in the header, yes, for a couple of thousand rubles, we can speed up your PC by 3-4 times, but not all motherboards support SATA III (version 3.x) 6 Gbit / s, check your version before upgrading, otherwise if you have SATA II or SATA I, your SSD will reproach itself for bandwidth and will not expand to full power (the average speed of the SSD ~500 MB / s).

SATA I (version 1.x) throughput is up to 150MB / s.
SATA II (version 2.x) throughput – up to 300MB / s.
SATA III (version 3.x) throughput – up to 600MB / s. SATA I (version 3.x) throughput – up to 150MB / s.

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