Who are the drops?

Who are the drops?

Drops can also be involved in money laundering schemes obtained by other criminal ways: drug trafficking, human trafficking, etc.

Moved to a big city from a small one;


Students and pupils;

Regardless of what reasons became the reason for choosing a job as a drop, the punishment will still come. Ignorance of the laws does not absolve from responsibility!

The actions of a drop when cashing out: accept money, withdraw money, take a percentage for yourself, send the rest to the customer. They work according to such a simple scheme. With a bank transfer, it’s much the same. On the Internet (and even in newspapers), you can often see advertisements that employees are needed for large foreign firms. When communicating, the employer tells a colorful story that the company is large, and huge interest is charged for money transfers from another country. Therefore, they are looking for people who will transfer small amounts (50-100 rubles, the amounts are different).

When sending goods, they also come up with a beautiful story that we have a large store in the country, but the payment for delivery is expensive, they do not send in bulk, etc.

You ask “what prevents the drop from keeping the goods / money?” Yes, nothing interferes. Only the consequences are different. Divorced people will do everything, thinking that they are at a good job. Irreparable people will be aware that the “employer” has an address and information about him. There have been many cases of drop-side scammers.

You can even become a drop by accident, withdrawing your money from an ATM, or simply walking nearby. Different people, guys / girls / grandparents, can approach you and ask to withdraw money from his card, because he supposedly does not know how. It’s hard to believe, but it happens very often too. Especially if the person looks like a provincial, or is already aged.

If you realize that you have been working as a drop-off for some time, stop working with the “employer” and report the incident to the police and the bank, the account in which you unwittingly used to “launder” money;

Don’t stay in a criminal scheme out of fear of being held accountable or out of a desire to make money quickly and easily. Drops are revealed much more often than those who hired them. Drops come across first. Refusal to “cooperate” with criminals and help the investigation will help reduce the punishment for work as a drop. Source: https://www.ema.com.ua/citizens/cyber-safety-school/do-not-become-a-drop-free-cheese-is-only-in-a-mousetrap/

You can, of course, come up with various stories, a la walked down the street, the man offered to earn money and away we go. BUT, children are not working in the police, and they have seen a lot. 99% that no one will believe you, but they will also attribute all the actions of the “employer” to you.

It’s easier than punching through all the IP addresses to find an organizer. On the same darknet they write that no one is protected from the police. Catch for the slightest joint. The way it is. Nobody will play toys with you.

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