Why do office video cards need large amounts of video memory?

Why do office video cards need large amounts of video memory?

Very often I come across a “gaming” PC, where instead of a video card is an office plug, from GT210 to GT1030. Sellers focus on the amount of video memory, a lot of memory is a gaming PC.

This judgment has long been irrelevant and is essentially delusional, because large amounts of memory does not affect the performance of the GP. But still, why do manufacturers supply weak cards with such large (by the standards of the chip) memory capacity? Let’s get to the bottom of this!


For what you need video memory

Let’s start with what it is in general – video memory. If in simple words – it is such memory, which is used for the needs of the SE, that is – to store textures and other related information.

In discrete graphics cards, the video memory is soldered to the board around the chip, which reduces latency and also allows for cooling by a common heater.


In integrated graphics cards the role of video memory performs RAM, which is located far from the chip, and has much less bandwidth. By the way, and a discrete video card can use the RAM – for this purpose, it is enough to clog its memory to the tie.


But how to score memory without games?

The answer is permission. The higher the screen resolution – the more space in the video memory takes one frame. For example, do not go far – the image in 4K format will weigh much more than the same image, but compressed to FHD.

This is for a simple reason: the image on the screen is formed by pixels, and the more of them, the more information about their state needs to be stored in the video memory.

Back to office graphics cards

They are used not only in office machines, but anywhere, including – and where you want to display simple high-resolution images.

А это - вообще извращение. 4 Гб DDR3 памяти на офисной видеокарте
And this is perversion in general. 4 GB DDR3 memory on the office graphics card

Sure, in this case it is possible to take a piece of RAM, but a weak machine is unlikely to have large capacity, and for example, the same Chrome eats a lot of RAM (about 900 Mb).

So, a computer with 4 GB of RAM just needs to have separate video memory, and these are the solutions that are now popular in offices.


Here I would like to say a few things. First, the amount of video memory does not affect the power of the GPU in any way, and if the use of 32 GB, say, in the Quadro GV100 – justified, because there are hundreds of thousands of polygons of the same scene, then to put the same 32 GB in RX480 – is crazy.

Office graphics cards need large amounts of memory not for “game” inscription, but for adequate work with old computers that have little RAM and allocating a part of it to video memory will result in the impossibility of comfortable use.

In addition, thanks to the large amount of video memory, office graphics cards can comfortably use multiple monitors.




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