You can hack into Mac by jailbreaking for iPhone

You can hack into Mac by jailbreaking for iPhone

According to security researchers, two iPhone jailbreak exploits can hack into Mac and MacBook with the latest Apple T2 security chips.

The technique of hacking Apple computers with two iPhone jailbreaks is very complex, and its discussion for several weeks has been held on Twitter and Reddit forum. If done correctly, the new technique allows the attacker to gain full control over the device, modify the behavior of the operating system, steal important data and deploy malware.

The researchers say they have found a way to run the code inside the security chip while it is being loaded and to modify its behavior. The method involves using two jailbreaks for the iPhone – Checkm8 and Blackbird . This is possible because T2 and iPhone use the same hardware components and some software functions.

According to the Belgian IT company ironPeak, hacking T2 involves connecting to Mac/MacBook via USB-C and running a version of jailbreak Checkra1n 0.11.0 during its download. This allows you to create a cable USB-C, capable of automatically operating the macOS-device during the download. In this way, an attacker can access the T2 at the super user level, modify and manage all data on the device and even recover the encrypted data.

Since the problem exists at the hardware level, it is impossible to fix it with a software update. The only thing users can do after the attack is to reinstall the BridgeOS chip operating system.



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