Zero day. What is a zero-day threat?

Zero day. What is a zero-day threat?

As the name implies, the zero-day vulnerability is not yet known to the developer, antivirus companies, or the general public – zero-day attacks are carried out by cybercriminals who were able to detect this vulnerability faster than anyone else and exploit it before fixing it. Among other things, vulnerabilities in browsers and e-mail clients are especially often exploited in zero-day attacks due to their widespread distribution among users.

How to recognize a zero-day attack?

The bad news is that neither the vulnerability itself nor the zero-day attack can be recognized – once discovered by users and developers, these are no longer zero-day threats! This is why zero-day attacks are one of the most difficult types of threats with the most devastating consequences today, but they can be fought against. For example, some antiviruses are capable of detecting zero-day attacks using built-in behavioral analyzers that can detect malicious activity.

How to fix a zero-day vulnerability?

Fixing a zero-day vulnerability is usually the responsibility of the software developer, who must release an update that fixes the reported bugs. However, the timely installation of updates to the programs installed on the computer depends on the user. The easiest way to get updates on time is to use an app that will automatically do it for you.

Other recommendations:

• Always check for and timely install security updates for the programs you are using

• Follow the basic rules of safe surfing on the Internet to minimize the risk of malware penetrating your computer through a zero-day vulnerability

• Install an application that will automatically check for and install updates to third-party programs

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